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Join us to discover a comprehensive and holistic approach to enhancing your overall lifestyle and health!



Managing Stress & Pressure at Work

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

· Define stress and recognize the triggers and signs of stress

· Recognize your top stressors, the stress ingredients, and the impact of stress on your life

· Understand the functioning of the brain, body, and digestion when it comes to stress

· Break the vicious cycle of stress through useful strategies

· Learn to manage stress through lifestyle factors

· Master easy relieving breathing exercises and simple short meditation techniques

· Come out with a long-term action plan to minimize and better manage stress


Mrs Lana Zailaa - Founder of Goût De Vie I Integrative Lifestyle Therapist

Mrs Sandra Yazbeck - ACC - ICF I Executive & Career Coach

Webinar Date: October 19, 2022

Webinar Time: 7:00 PM Beirut/KSA Time I 8:00 PM UAE TIME I 4:00 PM GMT I 12:00 PM CanadaTime

Message us for more details.

Looking forward to walking you out of your discomfort,

GDV Team


Number of Attendees

AED 650

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Managing Stress & Pressure at Work

Managing Stress & Pressure at Work

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