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Our services provide a comprehensive guide on Food Allergen Management procedures for food manufactu

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Yoga @ Work

Yoga @ Work

Its becoming more and more popular for teams at work to start their day with morning yoga or an afternoon of Pilates to waken the body. Why is it popular? Because it WORKS!

Yoga and Pilates enable the body to wake, stretch, strengthen, feel joy, enlighten the mind and spread overall wellbeing. If you're a company offering this to your staff, do you think their performance will be heightened? Do you think they will feel valued by their employer, that they work for a company that cares? I think we can pretty much guarantee a YES with this one!

Yoga for mental health

"(A) study of 131 people had similar results, showing that 10 weeks of yoga helped reduce stress and anxiety. It also helped improve quality of life and mental health"

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