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Wholistic approach to every condition

Founded by Lana Zailaa, Goût De Vie with a skeptical eye helps individuals overcome life challenges with a comprehensive and holistic approach to enhancing their overall lifestyle and health.

Goût De Vie begins by focusing entirely on what is happening with your collective system. Based on the assessment, a tailor-made program is provided to cater to an individual’s unique needs and conditions, resulting in first-in-class improvements to one’s health.

Whether you’re struggling with weight gains, eating disorders, compromised immunity, intolerances, cognitive disability, sleep deprivation, and so much more, Goût De Vie will guide  you to overcome them and do so in a manner that does not conflict with your comfort zone and or daily routines.

The Founder

"We all deserve to live a mentally and physically healthy life.”

Lana is an Integrative Health Therapist, Certified Dietician, and Life Coach specializing in comprehensive health-based patient care and disease prevention. With over 12 years of experience working with clients from all over the world, Lana discovered that the human body and the food that we eat are ever-evolving, and she systematically considers all possible factors when considering her treatment techniques.


Lana believes dieting alone is not enough, and so to compliment her view, Lana has additionally achieved certification in cognitive behavioral therapy, coaching, nutrigenomics, kinesiology, positive psychology, hypnotherapy, breathing therapy, as well as natural & functional medicine nutrition. Lana has combined this broad skill set with her experience in working with numerous hospitals, metabolic and cancer patients to help people reach their desired goals for a better and healthier version of themselves.


As the founder of Gout de Vie, and a family woman with multiple commitments, Lana understands the demands of everyday life and how such demands may create challenging in those seeking to change. This understanding also helps Lana work with clients to develop actionable and achievable goals and plans. 

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