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Wholistic approach to every condition

Goût de Vie’s mandate is to provide top-tier health and wellbeing solutions, education, and consultancy to individuals and institutions seeking an improved and enhanced lifestyle via cutting-edge science-based information and techniques.

The Founder

"We all deserve to live a mentally and physically healthy life.”

As the Founder of Gout De Vie, Lana Zailaa is an Integrative Lifestyle Therapist & Health consultant specializing in GUT health and human metabolism.

Her career started with nutrition & dietetics and health counselling.
However, throughout her dynamic work, Lana discovered that the human body and the food we eat are ever-evolving and systematically considers all possible factors when creating her treatment.
Lana believed nutrition alone was not enough. To complement her view, she additionally received training in functional medicine nutrition. She topped it up with certifications in cognitive fitness, behavioral therapy coaching, kinesiology, hypnotherapy, and alternative medicine, thus enhancing her capability toward a more advanced mean that taps into the root cause of symptoms.

Lana is also a woman running several personal/family businesses in parallel. This fact alone helps motivate her to provide a practical approach to her programs.
“I feel the challenges of a time-rushed life.”

Lana’s expertise spans over 12 years worldwide, working as a trusted health expert with numerous leading hospitals, clinics, and corporations.

To help people even further, Lana is passionate and active in pro-bono work that pursuits helping cancer patients transition smoothly through their journey.