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Terms & Conditions

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Terms and Regulations:
•    Payment must be settled up-front in cash or through our online payment gateway.
•    Unsettled payments automatically cancel your appointment.
•    Appointments are to be set ahead of time from Monday to Friday 
•    New plans and programs will be sent only after reporting or after your follow-up session and within 48 hrs.
•    Prepaid sessions are non-extendable.
•    Rescheduling appointments is only possible 24 hours ahead of time or more. 
•    Therapists are prohibited from offering free sessions, discounts, or accepting patient incentives or gratitude gifts.
•    The therapy relationship is built on confidentiality. With certain exceptions, a therapist cannot share what you say during sessions, or even divulge that your name appears in their appointment book.
•    As the client, you can decide whether to greet your therapist in public settings. Legally, the therapist cannot take the first step.
•    Payments are non-refundable.